Automatic Loveliness



Few weeks ago, when Kelly came back from his trip to Georgia, USA, he was working on this track. It was just few rhythm at that time. But it was already fucking beast.

I am awlays asking myself why do I love so much a painting, a movie, a song. What does this work of art mean to me to make me love it this way? There isn’t one right answer. The only thing I can tell is whatever a piece of creation makes us feel something, it is because it brings us to experienced, shall I say to “re”experienced a memory, a particular state of mind, an idea or a rêverie. In any case, it shows us that no matter where we are, what we are doing, the person we are talking to, we  always react regarding our personal lifes. And so is the person next to you. It is all about sharing.

I can’t tell if this brand new jewel makes me fly because my double masculin composed it, because it is imbued with Bambi spirit’s or just because it is attractively produced. I can only write you my sweet passion for it. Allow you to love it as much as I do.

I would like this one in exclusivity for up-and-around!


Here we are. Light sounds for a sparkling Christmas-

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