Smoky Dream



Ladys & Gentlemans, I am pleased, super-duper proud to blog this young femme fatale directly from the Wild Northern Territories, I’ve named Finland.

A 16 years old incredible piece of rhythm that I discovered on SoundCloud last night through the golden “followers library” of Kelly. 

A striking vocal work that bring us to the air, on the top of the atmosphere, somewhere distances do not exist anymore. A beautiful “touche-à-tout” artist in progress that reminds me, among others, of Grace Slick perfoming Triad for Jefferson Airplane back in the 70’s.

Please, check her profile and make sure you play Go and Get Her,  Don’t Try to Tease Me, Thoughts, Eagle as well as August before turning back to your busy lifes. You will have, at least, one revelation today.

"ALL MY TRACKS ARE 100% HOMEMADE"- We believe you Gene, and that’s for our most orgasmic pleasure.